Colorful Boats in Jamaica
Colorful Boats in Jamaica

Find Your Groove


Indulge in the good vibes and good times of Jamaica's island life.

Cruise to Jamaica, the birthplace of reggae which gave the world the soundtrack of its relaxed lifestyle, good-time-loving people and fearless optimism. As soon as you arrive, you'll sense how much this destination honors the sensibilities of its musical export. Soak your feet in pristine blue waters at Bamboo Beach Club in Ocho Rios. Splash around Dunn's River Falls, where cold, clear mountain water pours down on the rocks in mini-waterfalls. Journey into the rainforest at Mystic Mountain, and take the SkyExplorer chairlift above the treetops to the mountain's summit. Discover the magic with a Jamaica cruise.

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Ocho Rios Waterfall in Jamaica
Ocho Rios Waterfall in Jamaica

Go With The Flow

The best Jamaica cruises will let you explore adventure-packed experiences. You can drive down the scenic roads of Montego Bay, hike to the rushing waterfalls of Ocho Rios, and go horseback riding by the shore in Falmouth. 


Lounging by the stunning blue beaches of Jamaica is only the start of your travel adventure. Go snorkeling along the coral reef at Doctor's Cave Beach in Montego Bay, or hang out with scorpion fish and nurse sharks in Ocho Rios.

Lush Livin'

Jamaica is the perfect playground for adventurous hikers, those who want to explore the dense forests and caves, the craggy hills and the wild coast. Trek through lush rainforest at Mystic Mountain, or take the picturesque Mount Zion Hill Walk in Montego Bay.

Chart Your Own Course

Get out on the water in a kayak and explore the waters of Jamaica on your own terms. Take a River Rapids Adventure in Ocho Rios — explore on your own inner tube or in a kayak for two.

People Playing Djembe Drums
People Playing Djembe Drums

Rhythms and Rum

Spend some time getting to know the culture of this island nation. From distinctive keepsakes to the memories you'll make at its reggae-filled beaches, you're sure to bring a piece of something truly Jamaican back home after your vacation. 

A Piece of All Right

Whether you choose rum, coconut oil, jerk seasonings or wood carvings, keepsakes from Jamaica will give you a taste of the island even when you're back home. Check out the Old Fort Craft Market in Montego Bay or Island Village in Ocho Rios for handmade local goods.

One Love

Get to know Bob Marley with a tour of his birthplace town, Nine Mile. Saunter the grounds of the Greenwood Great House, an 18th-century mansion, or discover Jamaican fine art at the renowned National Museum West.

Jam Out

In many ways, Jamaica is its music. No matter where you go on the island, you'll be dancing to reggae beats and feeling the good-time vibe of this global phenomenon. Head to Bourbon Beach to soak in the tones and the waves at the same time.

Wildflower in Jamaica
Wildflower in Jamaica

Best Jamaica Cruises

A cruise to Jamaica is filled with exciting destinations, each with its own style and vibe. Discover Jamaica onboard the Best Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships.

Westward Winds

Work your visit to Jamaica into a Western Caribbean cruise. Hang out with stingrays in Grand Cayman, snorkel coral reefs in Labadee, Haiti, and splash around in the waterfalls at Jamaica's Dunn's River Falls.

From Rivers to Ruins

Combine your Jamaican adventure with an exploration of nearby Mexico. Take in the adventurous vibe of "Ochi," or Ocho Rios, then explore the Mayan ruins of Tulum and the bustling beaches of Cozumel and Cancun.

Jamaica Cruises Insider

The island has fairly good weather all year long, but it's good to know that the rainy season comes in May and then again from October to November. Jamaica also has a hurricane season that lasts from June 1 to November 30. November and December is a great time to visit: The likelihood of storms is low, and the weather is still warm while it's colder in more northerly climates.

Licensed local taxis are known as "contract carriages" and always display a red license plate. They operate under fixed rates and these can be seen inside the cabs. If you want to save money, opt for route taxis, a service that runs like buses and picks up others along the way. These also have red license plates.



If you rent a car, remember to drive on the left lane.


Bargaining is acceptable and expected at the local markets and souvenir stalls.


For delicious food at a discount, stop by the local street vendors: They serve some of the island's most delicious, authentic fare.

Spice and Everything Nice

A blend of old and new influences, Jamaican cuisine incorporates the flavors of the indigenous peoples that once inhabited the island and the Europeans that once landed on its shores.

The Right Kind of Jerk

Jerk chicken is the fragrant, smoky and spicy dish that's arguably Jamaica's culinary claim to fame. This spicy barbecued chicken gets its red-hot flavors from a special rub, usually including Scotch bonnet peppers and sweeter spices like allspice and nutmeg.


You might not think of fruit and fish together, but Jamaican cooks have turned this unlikely pairing into a distinctive dish. Ackee and codfish incorporates the fleshy, yellow seeds of the tropical, pear-shaped ackee fruit with salted cod. The result is a light but filling protein-packed dish that's typically served over rice for dinner or with dumplings for breakfast.

Double Bammy

The history of bammy goes way, way back. Originally eaten by Jamaica's indigenous inhabitants, this flatbread is made from the starchy root vegetable cassava. It's then soaked in coconut milk and then fried to perfection. Enjoy them on their own in for breakfast or alongside fish or jerk chicken at lunch or dinner.

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