Santa Margherita Ligure - beautiful coastal town in Liguria, popular luxury resort
The Pearl of Tigullio

Cruise to Santa Margherita, Italy

Cruise to Santa Margherita Ligure, one of the best known and most renowned tourist resorts in all of Liguria that embodies everything that coastal Italy is loved for. A lovely and lively seaside town that still maintains its elegance, a legacy of the belle époque. Located in a protected bay in one of the most beautiful stretches of the coast, where you can admire olive trees on sloping hillsides as well as fishermen pulling their catches from the Ligurian sea to place them straight onto your plate for your enjoyment. This coastal town is considered the Pearl of Tigullio. You can experience it through the beautiful beaches, charming restaurants, shops, bars, the wide variety of boating activities and tours or just by walking through it al,l taking the advantage of its flatness.
National Language Italian
Currency Accepted Euro (EUR)

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